DCDEE Offers Free Online Health And Safety Training

DCDEE Offers Free Online Health And Safety Training

In this article, DCDEE is informing you about a new resource that’s available for childcare providers. The NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center are offering free online health and safety training specific to North Carolina requirements through the North Carolina State Library.

What is Health and Safety Training?

Health and safety training is commonly used to prepare students, staff members and people enrolled in programs for their particular roles in the workplace or community. In North Carolina, health and safety training must be received by everyone who is working or volunteering with children or the elderly.

Why Your Child Needs Health and Safety Training

If a child has a health or safety concern, they should be able to report the concern to an adult at any time. Inappropriate behavior can include what is learned in the health and safety training offered through DCDEE.

NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center

The NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center is a division of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Its mission is to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of children who are in need of public or private care through collaboration with providers, communities, and families. They have partnered with DCDE to offer free online training for authoring creative writing.

Resources for Health and Safety Trainers

Health and Safety Trainers learn how to implement safety protocols while protecting children and adults in daycare, pre-schools, after-school programs, private schools, Head Start, public schools, and related care providers.

The Importance of Safety Training

There’s no doubt that children and parents know the importance of safety training. But what happens when the training you receive is not appropriate to your state or area? If you move to a new state, you might find yourself in need of training that may be unavailable or will lead to costly duplication of efforts. DCDEE Moodle provides free online health and safety training to help make sure everyone meets their responsibilities and feels safe.
What a NC State Approved Child Care Facility Needs to Provide

The requirements are pretty straightforward. Basically, the facility must be at least licensed and the essential qualifications are provided by the State of North Carolina. The specifics can vary depending on your specific needs, so I recommend consulting with a qualified child care employee in your area or contacting us directly at development@dcedee.com.

How to Get Certified Online

You can fill out this form with your contact information and submit it to the Child Care Health Safety Resource Center. Your completed application will then be sent to a certification specialist for processing. DDCEE’s training platform is Moodle, a web-based Learning Management System that also has a course catalog similar to Coursera.


DCDEE is excited to inform you that through collaborative efforts with the NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center, free online health and safety training (specific to North Carolina requirements) are available through the DCDEE Moodle learning platform. If you need assistance with accessing the health and safety training on Moodle, please email Dawn.Winn-Burdo@dhhs.nc.gov or call (919) 8


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