Using Shortcuts on iPhone: A Brief Guide

The introduction of smartphones completely revolutionized the world. Smartphones opened a world of possibilities for users, primarily through apps and utilities. According to Your Story, mobile applications offer convenience to users and allow them to seamlessly perform tasks that otherwise would have required lots of effort. For instance, thanks to shopping apps, users can easily purchase any product online and get it delivered to their doorstep. Similarly, finance apps allow users to manage their finances without needing to go to the bank.

Today, the two most popular operating systems that power smartphones are Android and iOS. Both support a plethora of native applications of different genres that allow users to perform numerous activities seamlessly. One such application available on the iOS platform is the Shortcuts app. The native application is one of the most underrated applications that most iOS users do not know much about. Even though it seems a little intimidating to users who initially use it, it is an excellent app that, when mastered, facilitates users to automate multiple tasks. In this article, we will shed light on the Shortcuts app and how iOS users can utilize its features and functionalities in the most productive way. Let us begin:

What is the Shortcuts App Available on all iPhones?

Earlier, iPhones used to feature a Workflows application that facilitated users of the powerful device to create workflows. However, since the app did not garner the popularity it deserved, Apple decided to revamp its features and launch it as an entirely new application called Shortcuts. The Shortcuts application facilitates users to use ready-made or create and use custom shortcuts to perform specific tasks quickly and efficiently. The app facilitates users to combine multiple steps across different apps to establish potent task automation. In the powerful application, numerous shortcuts are organized in collections from where users can use the one they want without hassle. It is a highly underrated application that opens up a new way for users to interact with their iPhones.

How to Create Shortcuts on iPhones:

iOS allows users to create custom shortcuts using the Shortcuts application. All users need to do to create a custom shortcut on their iPhone is follow the given steps:

Step 1 – Open the Shortcuts application on your iPhone

Step 2 – Start creating a new shortcut by tapping on the “+” icon. 

Step 3 – Add a new Action.

Step 4 – Type “Find” by tapping on the “Search Local Businesses” option.

Step 5 – Enter the name of the local business establishment you wish to search for, i.e., “gas station.” 

Once you have created the shortcut, all you need to do to find local gas stations in your area is click on the newly-created shortcut. This shortcut will save you from the hassle of opening the Maps app and searching for gas stations by typing into the search field. Similarly, you can use the application to create shortcuts for performing other actions seamlessly. To know more about how you can create different types of shortcuts, open

How to Run Shortcuts Automatically on iPhones:

iOS versions 13 and above offer users numerous triggers and automation for invoking and running shortcuts automatically. Moreover, there are numerous ways following which users can trigger shortcuts. For instance, users can set a shortcut so that it automatically gets triggered whenever they start a workout, turn off their alarm, or leave for work. If you are an iOS user who wishes to run shortcuts, follow the given steps automatically:

Step 1 – Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and tap the automation you wish to enable. 

Step 2 – Turn on the “Enable This Automation” toggle.

Step 3 – Tap the “Done” option to complete the process. 

Options to Trigger a Shortcut Automation:

Now that you know how to trigger a shortcut, let us take a look at a list of some of the options available for automatically triggering a shortcut:

  • Time-Based – Users can trigger a shortcut based on a specific time of day. For instance, users can use sunrise or sunset as triggers. Besides this, users can also set specific times on specific days to invoke a shortcut automatically. 
  • Wi-Fi-Based – Using this option, you can enable your iPhone to trigger specific shortcuts when it connects to a specific Wi-Fi network. For instance, you can set specific shortcuts to function when your iPhone gets connected to your residential Wi-Fi network. 
  • App-Based – The Shortcuts application also allows users to use a specific app as a trigger for invoking shortcuts. Users have the option to link a shortcut with a specific application. Once the option is enabled, opening the set application will trigger the shortcut associated or linked with it. 

Most iOS users do not know about the capabilities of the Shortcuts app. If you are one of them, refer to the points mentioned above to know all about the powerful native utility. 


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